Lyrics : #FreestyleFridays (10-04-2020)

I’ll be damned if I made live at the Baseline
To have my memorial service live at the Baseline
When I crossover I want hall of fame A.I
When I am no longer here I’ll haunt you through the AI
Same guy who built the ground
You walking on clay tiles
Game time wasn’t playing nice
If you rate mine Top 10
I wanted all ones like Ray Charles
They say faith blind
So when I meet my maker
Let every time they play us
Feel like it’s a seance
Their careers straight hype
Like Aaliyah takes flight
RIP we don’t make light we grieve
And say bye
Flowers like date night
For Prokid he ate mics
When he got that elevator
What a punch, Ray Rice
Pay up you standing on some pioneering great ones
I can’t judge, but from the way you leaning
Standing eight count
I don’t do vape pipes
Just stinking the air
Heard it through the grapevine
I spit like a sommeliers
Over your head, won’t be a care
To cook for Goldilocks bears
Hoping to hear
All them Poor, rich stories in here
Do you, sound like good advice
I reached out your idols but they Wooden mic
Wisdom in tiny lines
Like Passages from the Bible
I am thinking dynamite package
Like Tyrion son of Tyron
On horsepower Dragging a mean b*tch beside him
To see it will leave ‘em blinded
The beat revealing Poseidon
The flows is a Tamil Tiger
Tied to a raft behind ya
In the life of pi you a slice shy of an appetizer
The outlier not like them
Pied piper lead them rat bast*rds
To the Vaal dam goodnight night ya
Knight rider let the nice tyre kit speak
To my grind power
They focus on the misses cuz they doubt fire
The China virus is primetime
The Zeitgeist is unkind
To my kind living outside the town lines
Did he have the foresight to write life inside rhymes?
Did the devil ghostwrite the byline to Mein Kampf?
I am just trying to pass time
This lockdown is downtime
All I need is wifi a beat and your your timeline
Might find the paradigm of genius, sublime
f*ck do you mean it’s not my time?