Lyrics : Wowzers Freestyle (Remix)

I'm boutta kill this, one take, one take only
Yuh, yuh, spoon spoon, yuh yuh
I'm boutta make fun of how all y'all rap

When we pull up on ya, make you fleed
When we pull up on ya, make you bleed
When we pull up on ya, make you fleed
(27 heartbeatz) yuh!
Count up these funds and I’ll count 'em till they done
People hating me I do this just for fun
Imma copy how y’all rap it’s way more easier doing that
Y’all styles they so wack, I could do it too make double views off of that
Tired of these clowns getting this attention, when I’m up y’all will kill for a mention
Y’all copy like some pigeons
I dare someone to battle me lemme put my foot on the ignition, yuh
'Cause I’m tired of these bars, it’s all money, girls and cars
Thinking y’all the best I’m sorry gotta clear my chest
Better know I’m the one remember that I just began
So no phony phony, pull a gun watch 'em run
I’m shredding like cheddar, my thoughts write every letter
Few more years my name be on your sweater
Call 'em out make your cheeks get a little redder
My reign gon' last forever
I keep getting better
Stay in the dark, man you cannot see me
Haters bet your idol wanna be me
My vision clear like HD, bars on fire need AC
Talking behind camera, nah sorry that just don’t faze me
I’m bundled up with my baby
Woah yeah
'Cause they mad that I’m happy, 'cause they mad that I'm I’m crafty
Meet me toe to toe mad, they'll get mad 'cause that scrappy
Mad 'cause I’m rapping, and I actually know how to do it, yuh, give 'em hell make 'em go through it

Get off my tip before I hit you in the lip
While I'm eating chicken strips, while your girlfriend shake her hips
You might see me in the crib, you might see me getting lit
(Spoon spoon!) You know what, lemme chill
I've been staying in my own lane, chasing the bag
Been balling lately, so you know I gotta splash
I ain't playing with y'all n*ggas
All y'all n*ggas trash
Don't f*ck with me n*gga because I will be the hulk and smash
I got ice on my neck, cost me 1k
Been getting to the bag so don't you even try to play
No point in asking me if I'm good, n*gga I'm straight
I got 100 racks, so you know a n*gga bad
I'll post yo ass up, and dunk on you like Shaq
All y'all n*ggas wack, y'all n*ggas look like y'all on crack
Staying in my lane, that's why I bang
Spoon and Lil J the gang (gang!)