Lyrics : Other Side

But you could wait for me on the other side
I've got a whole lotta sh*t going on in my mind
You see the smoke in the water, all the fog in the sky
I think the demons inside are coming for me tonight
You should run from me if you value your life
Don't wanna break your heart, I'm getting ready to fight
There's a whole lotta sh*t you don't know about me
They wanna take my life but I ain't ready to die, no
Run baby, oh, you should run from me
You don't wanna see how I'm living (how I'm living)
The sun won't come, dark is all I see
Life is better without me in it
Nightmares start to haunt all my dreams
There's a violence in me, I gotta kill it (gonna kill it)
Run baby, oh, you should run from me
Forget that I ever existed