Lyrics : Alone

I'm so done with being alone
I'm so tired of staying at home
I done call everyone on my phone
I'm alone, still alone
I done cope me some news and watch everything on Netflix
Take every to do bucks all of my checklist
It's been a week now since I bought a necklace
I think I'm [?] at did not invested
Our business is tumblin' and these come missin'
Call out the army cause we didn't listen
I can't pretend like everything is OK
All I know, you're not alone, at being alone, yeah
Oh no no no
I'm all alone, you're not alone (We're all alone)
Ohhh yeah, ohh ohhh yeah
Oh oh oh uhh uhh uhh
Ohh uhhhhhh
Yeahhh yeah

What you're doin'?
Put-put-putih salji buat dia achoo

Lagu baru belum keluar lagi
Lagi 3 hari tapi ku dah buat remix
Lockdown, hari ke-6, I'm on the sixth, nobody can buat like this
Siapa mahu cuba, ku takkan sapu
Cause I get hoover, wanna maneuver
Freak macam babu, aku nak semua
Shoutout to Abu, NiNiNi
Tadi kat rumah cam speak easy
IGTV dah jadi CCTV
Video call sepanjang hari
I'm going watch some [?]
I got fell on my body
It's not make that thing my body
Selalu lapar, we always hungry
Stay in emergency, I'm in a hurry