Lyrics : So Live

So live, So live, So live
So live, So live, So live
Shhhhhhhh, Woooo

Run down yo' block like broad day (ouu)
You n***as never seen it
Me and a couple demons
n***as drug dealin'
We ain't never seen 'em
You ain't never been a swap wit' a Glock, what a feelin'
n***as playin' catch up, n***a don't fact up
It's me and my dawg versus you and your actor
n***as hood hoppin'
Me, I'm just watchin'
Glizzy on kotch when I roll to the gauntlet (uh, yeah)
But I ain't talkin' Thanos
Guns out Rambo
How much can you handle?
You n***as hate me, but your b*t*h is a fan tho
Twerkin' to my songs on the 'gram like damn bro (sexy)
I love the booty shakin'
She sayin' she wanna bounce on my d**k, when I'm taken
A bad lil' b*t*h look like she was sent by satan