Lyrics : Lust Disease

Scrape the excess
That's good for my head
Face the part of me
The waste they still behold
I feel so subtly
My favorite cut
I'll erase it
Is this the one in the sky?

(Do your own the dotted line) Ponder in the face
(I know it will remain) The one I left behind
(Keep moving from the day) Hang it up to dry
(Fear it 'til it's ready to crumble)

(In the closet) It will be the same
(The same as always) As it was before
(For the will) Keep crawling through my head
(And I'm bleeding) With this lust disease

Tainted happiness, hiding my weaknesses
Tape my eyes shut
Set my mind at ease
Force the good out
Feel my soul burn
I will trace it
Is it safe in my own skin?