Lyrics : Slim Intro

Yeah, it's finally here motherfuckers
Long-awaited, anticipated debut album
From the Dirty South motherfucking Boss, Slim Thugger
Through all the years, with no motherfucking deal
Through the bootleg shit
Here it is nigga, I'm already platinum

Yeah you bootleggers can't stop me, other rappers can't top me
They both try hard to copy, but artwork still sloppy
You not me, I'm the real deal Boss of the city still
Regardless if I sell a hundred thousand, or I sell a mill
I'm already platinum, already paid
With eight cars a big house, that's already laid
Was already made, before the major deal
I pulled a Bentley off the lot, and felt how that feel
I turned corners through the hood, behind my Phantom wheel
And you can find me in the hood, on chill still
Majors must of got tired, of hearing me say fuck a deal
Cause they put some'ing in my pocket, made a nigga chill
Then shit changed mayn, it's a new game mayn
Got with Pharrell, now I'm getting for real fame mayn
They asking questions, like why the hell he did this
And my reply, is get the fuck out of my business
Bitch I'm the Boss, cause I do what I choose
I refuse to lose, you niggas got a nigga confused
Get off my dick, and quit trying to dictate my moves
I'm still climbing higher and higher, my grind on cruise
Keep your opinions to yourself, and don't speak on mine
You ain't gon catch no fish, trying to watch my line
Just lay back put your locs on, and watch me shine
I drove this car this far, don't try to stop me now
And it don't matter if a nigga, go platinum or gold
I'm still good in the hood, how I got it befo'
Hooked up with Star Trak, then went got it some mo'
Now the FED's can't tell, what I got on my load

Houston, we have a motherfucking problem
The Boss has arrived, and I don't give a fuck where you look in the world
You ain't gon find a nigga, who done it like me
Without a motherfucking deal
All these fake niggas misrepresenting the H, you gotta move around
All haters getting straightened out, and starched the fuck down (already platinum)