Lyrics : 40k OCEAN

40, 40 gold mouth daddy in here you know what I'm sayin' I'm talking like 40 dolphins with the AK strappd up to the eighth you heard, like goddamn C-Murder third world thuggin' no tax on 'em you feel me icy goon hoe in here n***a thugged out, in the castle smoking sherm my n***a Yung Sherm what it do, came through you know what I'm saying skuuu f**ked a hoe in the Gucci boujee, all that you know what I'm sayin' drop that young pretty n***a, gold teeth feelin' like I'm Ariel in the deep blue sea see we trapped out steezed out jugg'd out
Murder, murder, murder, murder, murder
Murder, murder, murder, murder, murder
Goooo, gooooo

Trapped out ocean, smoking thrax and its potent
Mermaid, she be throating, told ya
Told ya, white Range Rover, I'm chilly, so icy like Minnesota
pu**y poppin' like canned soda, Goth Money soulja
AK with my b*t*hes, Flexico, iced out castles in Mexico
Smoking blunts, smoking on the gas by the Texaco

You done, you done powered up too much, bro, you better stop that
I ain't stopping sh*t (Ok, ok, I can't make you do that)
I don't wanna talk right now, I just wanna do the adlibs

Cell phone, twerking like a stripper, money on her nipples
Piercings on her dimples, igloo, gold tooth, and some Louis boots
Buying hoes, selling hoes, all in Flexico
Deportation, n***a fill me out
Foreign money, foreign hoes, all in my house
Make her suck the d**k with diamonds in her mouth girl
Underwater trap house, suede couch
Riding, I'm riding, I'm riding, young n***a swimming
All white Gucci linen, white Lexus Jeep with the windows tinted
Smoking on the thrax and my b*t*h she stay winning

AK with my b*t*hes, swerve, swerve
Go, swerve hoe