Lyrics : Mariná

Is there anyway that i can tell you how i feel?
I don't know but the music sh*t is all for real
I been tryna get to know you baby for a while
While ya friend up in that Coup’ stalkin on my style

So let me hold you
Girl just let me hold you
I don't wanna fold you
I just wanna know you

Cause it's all so real, sh*t done been changed
I’m coming from the city where we known for switching lanes
To make it to your heart, I’ma do the best i can
I know it's meant to be and i know that you can hang

Yeah cause you my girl, my #1 girl
Instead of telling you i told the rest of the world
How could i keep it locked? i knew that you were top
Had a dream about ya so i really couldn’t flop

But ima tell it to you baby one more time
If you chose me i’d be there through the climb
Be there thru the fall, i’m always on ya call
Please don’t forget it girl, you know i’m one in all

So let me hold you, girl just let me hold you
I don’t wanna fold you, i just wanna know you