Lyrics : Melody

Great John on the beat, by the way

[Sheff G]
Look, I'm stuck in my feelings, I feel like I'm losin' it (Look)

Been in this game, I still feel like I'm new to this (Huh)
Do for it, tell me just what you gon' do for it
You got a name, what you do for it?
40, extended a new toy, that I play with (Yeah)
I could solve problems you testin' (Huh)
Never complain, we just handle (Huh)
Never show love, show no passion (Huh)
Never show love, get you damaged (Huh)
No service, you still got the message
No school, but I teach you a lesson
Don't try me lil' nigga, it's levels
We could never be even, I'm seven (Huh)
You got some issues then let me know, no hesitation (no hesitation)
No hesitation, I let it go, I got the drip (Huh)
I got the drip like a runny nose, hold on my rage (Huh)

Hold on my rage, I'ma let it go
I stay prayin' on em, while all my loved ones just pray for me
That's the difference, I swear all my niggas gon' spray for me
Like graffiti, get caps closed
Like a TV, I need me the breesh, I was patient
Ain't no love over here, bitches vacant
It get hot in this bitch, it be bakin'
I got tired of people just fakin'
Tired of these niggas hatin'

[Lil Tjay]
Money be comin' in, stackin', no fumblin'
Nigga try run up, I'm gunnin' him down
I got this shit that the streets need
Hate or love me, I'm stickin' around
I got a big crib and my mom's good

'Member I was sleepin' on the ground
We was bendin' blocks, lookin' for our opps
Swear to God, we terrorized the town
Pull out the mop, I gotta chill on the drugs
This shit would bring a nigga down
Yeah, on my dick, told 'em to get out my face
It's static, I don't say a sound
I got a .30 clip up in the Glock with a 4-5 with a double round
Niggas comin' for my top, so I see an opp, put him in the ground
No, we ain't playin' no games
Think this shit funny? You finna get changed
Don't try to cop it, you better run when that .40 go bang
I got a different type of life, the shit that I seen might've turned you insane
I got a different type of life, although it wasn't perfect ain't shit I would change, no