Lyrics : Beat Box Freestyle

This sh*t exclusive
This sh*t is exclusive, what's this strain called?
Maoda, Maoda, Maoda, Maoda

I'm getting-, yeah, Maoda, Maoda, I'm louder (Yeah, yeah, huh, huh)
I'm turned up (Yeah), I don't give a f**k (Huh)
I don't run from the cops, I'll shoot them up (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, I got flows for days, I don't give a f**k (Yeah)
You can hit me three ways, I'll f**k your b*t*h in three different positions (Yeah), three ways (Yeah)
I don't really give a f**k, look, listen (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'm not a rapper, Adin Ross takin' off, I'm a f**kin'-, you can't stop 'em (Huh)
I don't give a f**k, I'll shoot someone up, I'm really 'bout that life (Yeah)
Actually, I'm not, but I'll grab a knife and I'll grab your f**kin'- b*t*h!
Your b*t*h (b*t*h!)
And look I'm 'bout to stack bread, get rich (Huh)
I'm 'bout to cruise around in this b*t*h (Huh)
And look, this weed got me going stupid, yeah, crazy in this b*t*h (That's the Maoda!)
And look, the Maoda (Yeah), this sh*t is really crazy (Yeah)
This sh*t is really the power (Huh), I'm 'bout to turn Slim Shady (Yeah!)
Then rap, all day (Huh), and f**k these b*t*hes all day
And Adin's not gay, you thought I was gay? (Pause!)
Ain't nothing wrong with that (Huh), stop Asian hate (Yeah)
I love all motherf**kers (Yeah), I don't discriminate (Nope)
And look, stoner Ross (Yeah), that gas got me going stupid (Huh)
And yeah I just got f**king your b*t*h, she was going stupid, (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Stupid
Yo, Sheck, spit the mic, go crazy all night
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Keep a strap like a, huh, yeah
Keep a strap like a dyke, uh
Two threes like I'm Mike, uh
Sheck Wes don't fight, uh
Gotta keep that grip, uh
n***a try, I'ma light him up
Young Sheck, they ain't high as us
Smokin' Maoda, I'm high as f**k
Damn, yeah, I like the flow
Adin, that's my bro, uh
We got all the hoes, uh
Hoes still call my phone, uh
I'm in Houston though
713, pull up to my show, uh (Ooh!)
Yeah, yeah, uh, live on Twitch
Yeah, live on Twitch, huh
Yeah, live on Twitch (Yeah, yeah)
I'm with Adin Ross, huh
We all in the crib (Yeah)
I'm all in her guts
I'm all in her sh*t (Woo)
Call me young Sheck Wes, huh
I got super rich
Huh, You got super rich