Lyrics : Camping

You cannot leave me now

You cannot leave me now
You cannot leave me now
You cannot leave me now
You cannot leave me now
You not the same
When no ones around ya
You cannot leave me now
Girl i promise ill be good
When im back home its always good
Its a good thing im coming

Leave the lights on i might keep my flights on
She turn the lights off n suck me like a dyson
In the flat black b*tch i get my drive on
In the tunnel make my engine go like

Bring it back
They told me to relax but i cannot be relaxed
Always either writing, doing drugs, or making tracks
As i think im running dry jabari sent thru 20 packs
And lately no ones focused on a personal attack
But i could feel the energy when skipping thru they raps
Ive always been outnumbered but they stomach and they laugh
They too stupid to do the math so they just pray that i collapse
Still im bless
Even when they pressed i really hope thats not they best
Shot me knocked me down u shouldve hit me in the chest
Smack me in my face u shouldve stomped me on my neck
Even if he killed me all his friends gon mourn my death
I couldn't pay my rent when i had caution on my vest
Now i got 7 bands inside the pocket on my vest
Devil having auctions on my name im getting stressed
Im just tryna do my best like

I thought you’d wait it out for me
You should hurry home its getting stormy
This is what it all comes down to
This is when u tell me our value
I been going break neck speed
Blunt full a quad pack train wreck

I guess it appears im heartless
Well baby i guess im heartless
Focused on high class dreams vibrant scenes
Baby im just an artist
I cannot save you
Cause ion play hero
Cause ion play games
Ion like labels
I forget names
I was so distant
Life was too plain
I couldn't look at you right in the face
Finally getting my heart into place