Easy now
Just in case you fuck niggas forgot yeah (Is that Shoki on the beat?)

Psycho emerges
I refer to myself third person
Scarlxrd but a miniature version
I got game in the back, not burners
My sale attached, not worth it
New face, only die with purpose
Take enemies down in person
Got a venomous bite like a serpent
No man is making me nervous
I ain't gonna act hard on the surface
Oh shit he's a liar
Are we mad back in the circus?
Don't make me [?] curses
I head on their tracks they're worthless
Bitch say I fell off set
I ain't underground I'm working
I ain't on the ground im grown
Didn't wanna trust a room
Went bad then half of the ghosts
Fuck image I'm back to the booth

Take off the mask
Put on the mask
Take off the mask
Talk shit, can I keep on now
Been on that tight [?]
They say that I drop too much
I don't think I'm dropping enough
Oh everyone's a fuckin' expert now
This [?] you broke as fuck
Been in this crib
Why would I share what I think
Fuck it I'll give you a glimpse
Master I'm killin' off pigs
These days I'm laughing I won't [?] like this
I am the special at least
Killings unmoral my nigga, it is what it is
I see niggas try reach for me
Says that I look free
Said I'm sick of this shit
Watch 'em drown
Watch 'em sink
I think I dreamt of the slaughterhouse
Runnin' all over you talk about
I busy here when you run your mouth
They won't just hate me they love me now
Pennies on pennies on pennies on pennies on [?] now

Yes I'm incredible, not take an edible
Got a few souls on a one night terrible
Drop that decibel, might go [?]
I said I've been getting an update
I get the money and Northface

Hold on let me think
Let me get my rhythm when I wink
Never been the follow of the rings
Lookin' at my shoulders for revenge
Now I want it big
the crib
Now i gotta get it how I'm thinking [?]
Keep thinkin' bout better than the last beat, ooh

Yes, I do
I don't give a damn
Movin' like a fed
Drivin' through your realm
Give a fuck
I been killing now
Scar don't give a damn
Why the fuck would I be tryna think
Don't you try your luck
You get [?]

You make no difference
You make no difference
Go hide and [?]
You make no difference
I did it all
You make no difference (Uhh)