Lyrics : Little Satchel

Under my bed, you can set your little satchel
And on my head come lay your little hand
If you will be my own true lover
I will be your loving little man

Run to the house and ask your papa
Bride of mine you’ll ever be
If he says no, come back and tell me
And I will wait for you to be free

When you get free then we’ll get married
Look how happy we will be
Oh we’ll go to California
Any place you want to go
Oh we’ll go to Louisiana
Settle down when we get home

I wish I was a little angel
And over these prison walls I would fly
I’d fly on back to the arms of my darlin’
Stay at home and there I would die

But you can see that I’m no little angel
Neither have my wings to fly
So I’ll go back all broken hearted
Weep and moan until I die