Lyrics : All in All

I keep going
It's the wake up call
I keep showing that I don't lose
I don't lose
It's the wake up call
That's just how it is
Cake like yum

Yeah, it's the wake up--
I'm just tryna take you to the sky
Every other day I'm getting--
VVS Diamonds, blinding lights
Yeah, it's the--
Countin this make me really feel alive
Every other day I'm getting cake like--

I was nothing but loyal to you right from the start
Backed out with that look in her eye, that will make the devil smile
I've only seen the light despite us being in the dark
Papi, tell me can you handle my type going on my levels now
Cake like yum!

f*ck up the city
My b*tch, she bad and she diddy
Put the Patek on her arm, she litty
Ice, ice cold, refridger
I was on the roll, kilo, try to get it
I would not sell my soul for a billion
Drop Mulsanne, got your main-main
Ridin' through the city, wanna f*ck with the gang

These n*ggas hating, I'm poppin
Phantoms in my yard, so ring around the Rolls
I signed a deal and then put up a song and yeah, b*tch I took off like a rocket
The biggest one, da boss
I spent two hundred on watches
Helicopter pad, the home of Sammy Sosa
I got two Glocks and they both come with beam, yeah b*tch you know

'Cause mami's a killa
Baby, won't you bang my line
Shoot like a rilla
'Cause if you bad and broke, that's a sign
'Cause mami's a killa
You know I f*ck with Ross, I even went and bought the block
A hundred million dollars strong, I--
Cake like yum!

Look at my wrist, Corona
My neck got Ebola
Oh, na na
Oh, la la
Oh, na na
Oh, la la

Battin' 'round the trap when I'm--
I'm just tryna take you to the sky
You don't wanna play no--
VVS diamonds, blinding light
Yeah, 'Cause this chopper get to bustin' have a n*gga lookin' like--

I got millions on my mind
Still I get so anxious
And I can't help me
Got my feelings on the line
It's the wake up call
Something wrong with me
Cause I'm not on cloud nine
It's the wake up call
I don't want to breathe
I don't want to be your B
I got millions on my mind
Still I get so anxious
Your b*tch with me know tryna get face-f*cked, dawg, okay