Lyrics : Ernestine’s Rap

RuPaul is everything, baby, now, go with it 'cause all you black kids get up of that mind thing and believe in yourself, boom, honey, yeah

Oooh, Gina done did it outside
Honey, I don't lend, I don't borrow, I don't visit, boom, honey
Jam on it, Robin, now
He done already done had herses
Now I'm here to tell ya:
Get you alcohol off the streets
I can tell by your knees you eat commodity cheese
gone, honey, boo!
Now Robin, what you think this is?
You better get up over that thing and dance, honey
You know, uh, men are dogs, why you think dog's man best friend?
Ernestine Charles used to say "Oh, then you're gon' be a star"
Get on it, girlfriend
Oh, oh, peanut butter head suck my d**k, your momma's on the kitchen cooking 30 minutes sh*t, you dad is in jail, raising hell and your sister's on the corner sellin' pu**y for sale, pu**y for sale, pu**y for sale
Your sister's on the corner sellin' pu**y for sale
You better jump on it and don't let the same snake bite you twice
Believe in yourself, then you're gonna be a star