Lyrics : Lihamylly

Fade to office sitting at his drafting desk
Washed out by the lamp light
Mind to drift on emptiness
Slowly slips into the depths of thinking when he sees her next
The grace when she holds her compact in
The delicate smear of the rouge on her lips
The peaks of her breasts and the moves in her hips
The feeling in his loins is a miscreant
He must calculate it what he need to do when it hits
Going on a sauntering walk
Dreaming of the shape of her mouth when she talks
Dreaming of the sound of her voice when she yells at the top of her lungs as he stares at the walls
She told me "ever since she was a little girl..that men... were just..compelled.. to tell her things
Fade to backyard
He puts a net to keep the deer out
You don't have to go home but you can't be here you have to clear out
Slowly walks back to the house to do what he does every night
Under the bushes and under the stars take the cork up out the bottle baby then he dimmed the light