Lyrics : Want It All (Slaughterhouse Version)

Joey, check this, look

I'm the realest motherf**ker that I know
Wasn't always the case, guess a n***a had to grow
I do it all for love- if I pull, it ain't for show
But i know these sucka n***as will, so I gotta keep it close
I'd rather pool parties in a mansion full of hoes
And they love to hit the mirror in the bathroom just to pose
The game is full of f**k n***as, hope they get exposed
If we engage, I let it ring- they get a box with apropos
He keep a long nose, he relentless, rose from the trenches
The big body Benzes, never been an apprentice
Preying on my foes through the scopes and the lenses
Came a long way from selling dope, jumping fences
That's what i'm entrenched with, you'll never see a gimmick
When it's me, its authentic, I don't feel the need to mimic at all
'Cause my character speaks louder than my words will
And gossip moves faster than your hearse will

Yeah, I see you- like the lights off
Oh, you like living with that mask on
f**k all the bullsh*t, show me passion
Money, power, I want it all
Yeah, I see you- like the lights off
Can't believe it took me this long
Have you forgotten where you come from?
Money, power, I want it all