Lyrics : Septober Energy—Part 2

Slowly the sunrise - to warm my brow
Fading the shadow remaining now
Drying the storm that sleep has made
I awake

Fire of the morning shall ride the wind
Carry the warning for all mankind
Only the blessed shall know the sign
They will shine

Take away everything that we own
We can even live without a home
Have all the money if that is your goal
But you'll never touch our soul

The wind is swirling the leaves, and heat of the
Morning sun is causing the grass and wood to burn
Away. Everything, the fire is killing off all wе
See. Throughout the land. Good and bad

When evеrything that we know is forever dead, and
All the things in the world we love have gone away
Maybe then will come the dawn of another
Day, and of all men. For the end, to begin again

Unite for every nation
Unite for all the land
Unite for liberation
Unite for freedom of man