Lyrics : It Was Written

After the strongest earthquake to hit the country in over two hundred years

To live and to live again
Conditions of mankind we’re living in
Delivering us, to a state of emergency
I guess God is giving us a call for courtesy
Hope I’m awake to hear it, I hear it
I hear it the spirit of Gil
I hear it the spirit of Will
Power in the hour of chaotic theory
No rest for the weary
No stress when you hear me
I guess perseverance prepare me for when opportunity knock down the wall
Calls from grandmothers, mothers, aunts, uncles, sons
A time for young men to be born
And manhood with gun
I only run for salvation
The sun tells a story
It says give God the glory
I give it, and live it as pure as possible
Conversation with the world, but the world not always logical
As the weather blow every which way
I take a look at the day
And say thank you, how can I help?