Throw your hands up
Throw your hands up

Let the pad thai glisten, the Kirby Puckett thunder kitchen
I'm serving fresh [?] parking lot Winn Dixie
I poured the melted hockey puck into the dixie cup
Jump out the [?] truck and then I hiccup
seat belt hotter than a patty melt
I spoke vivid vocabulary words to make sure I was felt
They didn't feel me
Frostbite touch my earring
I wouldn't let you near me
Fall back, you hard at hearing
I rock the stormtrooper shades just to evade you ace of spades
Just so you don't evade my mental drapes
Just to ensure that we don't make eye contact
Ask me to tag you in a photograph and I won't call you back
What has [?] with random dudes
Think invisible clout in a digital console
Can blur the lines of unparalleled realms and abstract gold
I wouldn't even let you watch me paper fold, you might taint my soul
I hate to use the word hate but I hate to procrastinate
I hate I had to elevate just to further separate from you cakes and fakes
You sponge soft heathen, don't have no business breathing
I made forty grand last weekend, I was sleeveless
While you was sleeping ask your granny where the grilled cheese is
I pray for the Lord's [?] blessings and resurrection
While you're scrolling through the Instagram comment section
Yeah I valet the Coupe in [?], I left the roof down for vape
FN on my waist
Yeah khaki commando, the Lambo on my lap
Who the fuck is RiFF RAFF? Yeah I'm cocky when I rap
You should go to Planet Fitness 'cause you're tacky and you're fat
Your grey Hanes shirt sweat stain on the back
Mom pats your back and laughs when you running laps
Bought the [?] Bentley for the Prada parking space
You ain't worth minimum wage, I can see it in your face

Yeah baby
You can hear the piano, I'm Tony Soprano
And I'm not like Rambo when I'm wearing the camoflauge
It's a mirage, butt fuck you in the garage
Underwater flows are magic
SCUBA stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
Doing [?] with merlins
I opened up the Persian curtains, it's a whirlwind
Me and Donald Trump disagree on a lot of stuff
But we seem to get along at the taco truck
He was telling me some awful stories
I'm like "Bitch, pass the guacamole"
Uno, dos, three, six, I was never good at arithmetics
Me and RiFF RaFF taking acid trips
And we're coming to your town, hide your chicks
Pedal to the metal in the Pontiac Buick Civic
to pre-teens, who you kidding
Single man, I single handedly diminish
Dolly Parton, my French braids I ain't finished
Still act tight though, right in the glory hole
Looking like a unicorn from [?]
On the Maury Show, I had the episode
Five [?] DMT down in Mexico
My whole life been a series of bad decisions
Now I just pet dogs and laugh with children
At the strip club, I'm alone in the corner
I paid $300 bucks just to get a boner
Crying tears of Almond Joy, she smells like cocoa butter
Doing coke in a stolen Toyota Tundra
I read books on drugs, yeah I'm learning man
I fly a UFO right into Burning Man
I want deep intellectual conversations
You on Instagram looking at your notifications
Weak humans, you all need stimulation
I meditate naked on a lake in Jamaica
I quit weed so I could analyze my wet dreams
Life ain't always what it seems
It ain't always what it seems, nope
Ain't always what it... uh-uh