Lyrics : Powers That Be

"The Lord as my witness
Lord as my witness, there's not!
There's not a better MC than Rick motherfuckin' Ross
Lord as my witness
And when a nigga says "Lord as my witness", a nigga tellin' the truth
You don't lie after you say Lord as my witness
Did you ever hear OJ say "Lord as my witness?"
No, he ain't go that far, said "I didn't do it"
He hired Johnnie Cochran but he ain't never say 'Lord as my witness.'"

Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah
(Maybach Music)

Went to war, beaker scores, they continue to fall
Corner stores, wait up, hold all these wonderful laws
So much violence in the streets, ask the powers that be
Kiss my daughter on the cheek and I'm strapped as we speak
Dirty money get bloody, you still see the gun wounds
But what's funny are the ones that we put the guns to
Fuck 'em all, kill or be killed, it's still a thug rule
Back of class, high on grass, 'til I said, "Fuck school!"
What's meant to be is meant to be, I rather you than me
Die with pride, forty shells on the murder scene
Rolls Royce, leather stitchin' in the steerin' wheel
Ninth album, Ice Cube, nigga, kill at will
Had to balance, Double M is the imperial
Niggas pay respect, they mail it in an envelope
Fuckin' centerfolds like I still be dealin' dope
Probably would if you're talkin' like fifty or more

Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah

So creative, co-creator, family the motivator
Project buildings, lot of feelin', karma my codefendant
Pot to piss in, not a ribbon, never forgot a Christmas
Father figure not around, that's such a major difference
I would play with all my homies' gifts
I understood I didn't wanna trip
The lack of didn't tap my confidence
Matter fact that's how I mastered a couple things
Went from not havin', to sheer opulence
Maybach with the drapes like an apartment in it
Whole hood know it, only one that's white on white
Name ringin' like DJ Clue on a Friday night
Just got some real estate out in Dubai
Nation of Islam, they say I might have a few ties
Talkin' tall brothers with the dark shades
Shed light, bringin' niggas out the dark age
Sittin' in the court with a sharp fade
Havin' sentimental thoughts 'bout this Caucasian
Six million in the hole, still feelin' short-changed
Reprimanded by someone who's snortin' cocaine
Fred Hampton was an angel, may his name ring
Crackers wanna kill me for the same thing
Ain't no financial aid out in Notre Dame
Activist sippin' Actavis, time to pour away

Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah

You know how it is, new levels, new devils
The cheddar breed jealousy at hella speed but it's whatever
Mercedes driver, 85'er, enlightener, collapsable sun visor
The half moon identifies, the son of God, son of man
Son of Sam, young with the blam
Stick or get stuck, get killed to get buck, a blessin' of luck
I love all, test me, trust not
Above all but young niggas address me as such
Like Hannibal Barca, runnin' through Carthage
Panama watches, conquer the nonsense, conquerin' lion
Amun-Ra sun god combined in one, most prolific
You off point like the coke addicted lawyer, Klienfeldt's gun
Tell the waiter bring over that Moscow Mule
Tell them haters get over it, Nas still rules
To money makers and niggas who murk you out
And beat the death penalty on reversal trial, niggas versatile

Some things your eyes won't see (Uh, yeah)
But when it's out of your control (Uh, yeah)
Then it's the powers that be, be (Uh, yeah)
He he he he he, la la la la la la (Uh, yeah, uh, yeah)
He he he he he, la la la la la la (Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Some things your eyes can't see
But when it's out of your control
Then it's the powers that be, be
He he he he he, la la la la la la
He he he he he, la la la la la la