Lyrics : No Worries

God forgives, I don't
Yeah, yeah, yeah
My bitch so mean, she bite down on my dick
I call her Roscoe Dash, she be writing all on my shit
My mind still on my money, my niggas still on my side
Ain't' got no worries nigga, all we do is ride
Don't switch out like Pacquiao, still gon' put my stacks down
Half a mill on Mayweather, I count it down to my crack house
My T-shirt cost 15, my chain ran 1.3
That champagne I piss out, Cristal, fuck Mitt Romney
Top down in my foreign, Double M we touring
God damn her ass fat, my bank account enormous

You can look me in my face (I ain't got no worries)x3
See the sh-rooms keep me up (I ain't got no worries)x3
You see money right there, yeah that's Tunechi right there (turn up)
Yeah that's Mack Maine right there, and we ain't got no worries
You see pussy right there redbone mangos right there
See them sh-roomies right there we ain't got no worries

Tunechi in this bitch, e'rybody should be worried
Them pussy niggas be purring, bitches be digging me I feel buried
And if she make this dick hard, she woke up a sleeping giant
Man your bitch speak in tongues every time we speak in private
Hope your barber shop open cause we got hair triggers
Smoke so much that Smokey the Bear, have to bear with us
And that Jeep with the doors off that means that bitch sleek
All these bitch think they're the shit, I sent them up shits creek
You see Tunechi right here, give me brain ideas
It's ok if you turn up just don't turn off my light years
All I know is I do it what I'm smoking I grew it
These are Blood gang Piru, and all rats gotta die even Stewart
On my private jet is my stewardess is your bitch nigga, bitch Nigga
I know gold-diggers and ditch-diggers
You don't get dissed, you get disfigured
She say sorry I didn't shave so that pussy a little furry
I put that pussy in my face: I ain't got no worries

[Hook: Detail]