Lyrics : Dead Rappers

Everywhere I go
And I’m gonna represent for all the niggas that inspired me
For the niggas that put me on
Here’s a toast to the dead rappers
You got your best quotes from the dead rappers
Young niggas doing tours with their dead rappers
Sleep on it (Perfection)
B.I.G., 2Pac, Big L, my nigga Pun
A lot of legends
May they live forever

Fuck a battle, we beef with niggas across the board
It gets expensive to keep the killers when out on tour
I apologize to these women, I keep on telling lies
Yes, I’m flawed, these walls will leave you traumatized
I'm not a lemon nor menace, me I just wanted fee
In the beginning the tint hid the things that I would see
Wanted degrees, not just the math – me, I couldn’t read
Put me in a ethnic group and it was full of Gs
They say I’m a scholar, but I want a key
Shawty see me in the streets, this where she want to be
Maybach is the butter, came up from the Regal
Put your hands in the sky, deliver from evil

Book me for the show and I’ll be on the next jet
Thirty sticks with me, I be getting death threats
Dead rappers be the ones they love to glorify
All these weird niggas, I've been labeled borderline
It’s more to mine, my flow should have a clothing line
Lacoste made for a boss, the label’s organized
If they’re making a dollar, my team would want a piece
From the taxis and Ubers, the vendors in the streets
Bandanas and rags, wave them for Soulja Slim
Homie did thirty and his family, no one came to see him
Headphones on, songs about a dead rapper
Lil Snupe’s in my prayers, I still can hear him laughing
Lost Boyz, Freaky Tah, we were four deep
Mac Dre, Slim Dunkin, and peace to Doe B
Peanut, ‘til I see you, boy I won’t sleep
Jam Master Jay one day I’m gon’ meet

We take from the weak, following protocol
I was given instructions, that's meant to mold a boy
Taught from day one, this is a code of honor
You worship your mother, you cherish your daughter
These lessons will come, be aggressive with some
Respect every dollar, like we’re stretching a blunt
Nothing will change, my views will remain
So much envy we garner, for these songs that we sing
Stick to the dice, skipped in the slot machines
Sixty day tours, nigga, when we get them things
Right know we’ve got the plugs, and the numbers ‘s right
You can sit at the table, that’s if you comin' right