Lyrics : I Did

It's dunk

I? went to school, but n***a I ain't listen
I? ain't go to cla**, n***a I was skippin'
n***a I'm trippin'
And I got out, I did that without snitchin'
He? get hit with this .9, he gon' need st**ches
He? get hit with this K, he gon' go missin'
Look judge in the face, tell him I did it
My? b*t*h need a**, whole lot' of t**ties
My [?] on the K, they call it t**ties
I got a lil bank, now a n***a lil picky
That n***a soft, he can't ride boy iffy
Watch? the lil b*t*h, she a trick get [?]
And I just send your lil homie go diggin' [?]
I was [?]
'Cause if he didn't, boy you got to get em'
'Cause that n***a trippin' boy he got the feelin'
Pa** on the white, pa** me the Henny
Pa** on the white, just pa** me the remy
Growin' up, momma said sky was the limit
I jumped off the porch, b*t*h I'm divin' in it
I had no daddy, no [?] n***a
Runnin' the streets, I was wildin' n***a
Breakin' in cars and houses, n***a
We had a lil spot call it [?], n***a
When we break [?], get violent n***a
F**k with my dog, I'm a [?] n***a
And I know n***as on coke, they high lil n***a
So what she gon' think they gon' ride lil n***a
And you b*t*h wanna f**k me cause a smile lil n***a
She can't keep up, throwin' a [?] lil n***a
Only f**ked her for an hour n***a
You f**k with us, b*t*h we devour n***as
Never had the luxury of ridin' in the sprinter
B*t*h I'm a freak 'cause my birthday November
Don't f**k with xan's, cause you won't remember
Glock 31, better get you a pistol
Rest in Peace trap, that was my n***a
B*t*h I'm in the trap, It's time to get bigger
I do a [?]. can't get caught with this pistol
F**k how he feelin', b*t*h he ain't my n***a

Yeah, this is rich dunk n***a
You know what the f**k goin' on n***a
Only n***a in the city with one dread n***a
When you see me n***a, you know me n***a
You can't miss me n***a, f**k
Dread or die, n***a