Lyrics : Freestyle

It's Dunk
Dread or Die, n***a
Dead, rock, uh
Uh, uh

I take him out like it's a date (A date)
I'm gettin' beef, been eatin' steak (Haha)
I wanted M's, but I had to wait (Wait, wait)
Went and bought a [?] look on their face (Face, face)
looked in my face (Yeah)
I gotta go, but it ain't a race (No way)
He f**k with us, turn his dreads to a fade (Rraw)
See, growin' up, give a f**k about jakes (I did)
Mama ain't have it, so I'm wearin' Saks (Saks)
Took all my allowance and got me a pack (A pack)
Spent all my money and made that sh*t back (I did)
Went to the plug and doubled the sack (Haha)
Went to the club, don't know how to act (Uh-uh)
[?], that's where I was at (Say again)
I'm a leader, go back to the trap (The trap)
N***a want beef 'cause [?] clap (Grraw)
I run it up, get this sh*t now (Now)
He got two bands, I send you a pound (Send a pound)
You got a stack, I send you a half (A half)
You got a nine, I send you a [?]
B*t*h, I'm a dog, all dogs go to Hell (Hurr)
B*t*h, I'm a star, I'm a [?] player (Yeah)
I'ma have shooters on the Chandelier
I turn my youngins into young players
pistol-whip, we at the field (Grraw)
B*t*h, he got dope in his underwear (He do)
D-boy he got choppas with him everywhere (He do)
Keep a Glock-31, I ain't playin' fair (Uh-uh)
Miss-match shoes, couldn't afford a pair (Uh-huh)
B*t*h, you [?] stomp you, we ain't playin' fair (Haha)
'bout to take you there (On God)
Grab you a shank, ain't no guns in here (Uh-uh)
Click with the gang, get him outta here (Yes, sir)
I heard that you lame, he can't come in here (Grraw)
Police come in and I'm outta here (Yoom)
First, you gon' see me then I disappear (Yes, sir)
First, you gon' hit me then now you can't hear
They got my n***a, my [?] (F**k)
Breakin in cars in 2011 (On God)
[?], back and forth to them (Oh, what?)
I had to wait, but they not like a gym (I did)
He need to shave, now he need a trim (Trim)
Don't jump on my wave if you can not swim (Uh-uh)
They call me Dunk, 'cause I'm sittin' on the rim
B*t*h (Grraw)
Baow, baow, baow, baow, baow
Huh, stop playin' with me, man, it's Dunk
All the n***as on the city wear dread, n***a