Lyrics : As of Today

Ooh, yeah? Dunk
Hold on? Hold on

These b*t*hes mad? I don't give a f**k
I'd rather run up an M before I f**k
Had to double the bag just to have enough
I was flexin' finessin' just to run it up
N***a, I just signed a deal n***a I ain't enough
'Bout to run them M's, n***a run it up
On the jet with Dababy teachin' me wa**up
As we smokin' a blunt? ridin' in the whip
With my eyes on tunnel vision over here
Boy I'm gettin' to the money, pu**y in the rear
Got some sh*t that hit you with, over here
Ain't no way that I'm runnin' I ain't got no fear
pa** it to the rear
Boy I'm stingin' my reefer? boy I ain't fair
He reach for his chain we gon take a [?]
Give me [?] and a half and I'm outta here
Now we rock out the shows and go back to the crib
N***a, I was just gone but now I'm back in the building
I'm 'bout to show these lil n***as how to live
I know these n***as hate me for what I just did
I get signed with Dababy, it is what it is
And I still got that .5 whenever I leave the crib
I quit sellin' reefer, 'cause I'm makin' M's
B*t*h, on god
As of today, pu**y