Lyrics : Activated

Uh, turn me up, I'm activated
Uh, I said, "Turn me up, I'm activated"
It's on to me now
Get the f**k around, n***a
Uh, uh, uh

Bro blow the Drac', get 'em all gone (Boom)
I know he mad that his dawg gone (Ha)
I'm in the 'Cat with a redbone (Voom)
She eat the meat, I'm puttin' d**k in her jail bone (Thot, thot)
My youngin layin', knock, knock, hit the street
You just feed or your a**'ll get put in a raw cone (Smoke you on)
Perc' 10s, I just ate two of 'em (Uh)
Made n***as so mad when I blew up (F**k it)
First head, I had felt like I grew up (Come on)
F**k Ps, b*t*h, you know we put two of (F**k Ps, gang, b*t*h)
F**k with the opps, duck with the opps, b*t*h, we'll come put you up (Come on)
I keep one up tucked, we done sent shots and I couldn't been hit by a few of 'em
Uh, uh, now I'm in the back of the 'Bach with Baby (Ayy) and I'm stil ridin' with two guns (What else?)
That's two years, I done ran through a few guts
He talk tough on the 'net, but that n***a won't do nothin'
Smoke opps back to back, b*t*h, I might need a new lung (Back)
Ain't been broke in a minute, say, "Go get some new funds" (Cash)
Tryna run up two millions in two months
I get high as the f**k, I pour Wock' in a full punch
I say, "Turn me up, I'm activated" (Turn me up)
Redeye came with the red (Don't turn me down) key, they gon' chase it (Vroom)
They do what I say or (They do what I say) get the f**k on (Get the f**k on)
B*t*h, I get aggravated (Straight up)
All raw, we knock your head off (We knock your head off), they had to fabricate it
Big dog, I f**ked her brains off, I leave her fascinated (Uh, uh)
Swang his block, evacuate it (Come on)
The Glock'll bust, that's masturbation (Boom-boom, boom-boom)
Boy, use your head, it get decapitated (Big snap)
Won't use you fire? Then you can't hop inside this elevator (Then get the f**k around)
He get left in out his mind, you know that Drac' the opp b*t*h exterminator (Boom-boom-boom)
Uh, bruh up the Drac', get 'em all gone
I know he sick that his dawg gone
B, f**k doin' a beef 'cause he seen with his iPhone
I got hoes on my d**k, in a whole 'nother time zone
F**k n***a run up and he get his mind blown
We hop out and drown down with that fire, we'll lay him low down