Lyrics : Lets Ride

Got my cowboy boots with the spurs on the back
Moonshine ready in the canteen bag
Liver gon hurt man can't even lie
Drunk on a horse but I feel fine
Let’s ride (giddy up yall)
Mmm, let’s ride (giddy up yall, yall)
Aye (yee-haw)
In the saloon getting lit all night
Leaning to the side but I’ll be alright
I need more booze, but I ain't trying to buy
Hopped on my Saddlebred, giddy up baby
Let’s ri-ii-de (yuh)
Mmm, let’s ride (giddy up yall, yall)
Aye (yee-haw)

“Woah there Betty! Slow down now, you gon make me throw up my whiskey!"

I had too much of a few
Can’t hold my head to see a view
Gotta go find something to do
Decided to square dance in my boots
Hit that thing like it was in prime time
I don’t need no co-signs
Buddy want to drink some more, I said "Oh no, why?"
My crew dared me two more shots
Ok, I change my mind
Yea that shine it hit so right
Ok let’s chase the tide
Revolver in my holster
Gotta be high but I ain’t no smoker
Me and my Gang on the way to play Poker
Ain’t no try we gon' have a good ole time