Lyrics : FFFFFF

Yo, and if you get offended by the words in my song
Then i'mma put the light on you like the herbs in my bong, partner
Yeah, drop that sh*t

It feels so good to be back in the game again
I had to be famous man
My back to these haters, and-
I'm back where I came again
Half of these lames debate what rappers I reign against
Master and slave mentality for y'all dummies, bummy
Moneyless chumps who bump my tracks [?]
Laughing my way, I get my cash when I pray for it
Call my ass religious, half-assing my way on in
Heaven's pearly gates, hope the rivers working late
Put my tape up in the deck, and hear my passion and pain fall in
Faggot, I'm greater than the rappers call graded mid
I'm what you call a baller, staraholic, amazing kid
I'm smash it, amazing b*t*h
You laugh and I prey on it
And when she j*rk me off, she be grasping amazingness
Half of them hating us, but half of them hating, kid
Cuz they my ex-girl on my ex-girl's [?]
Say my ex-girl be your ex-girl's best friend
She'll be my ex-girl, then your ex-girl's next then
It's wet sex bent rest in the Lexus
You thought I switched it up then it's back to the same again
Motherf**ker Grindhouse til' I f**kin' die
(R-A-V) Yo, it's R-to the-av
Killing our garbage ass
Little sorry ass tracks
Stalking suckers in rap
Man, I don't give a Jack
Y'all can suck on my beanstalk
Look at me dog, i'mma chew another piece off
Pocketing a MAC, I'll put your body in a bag
Throw your daughter in the back
Of my car, won't get her back
Ain't no bargaining her back
I'mma f**k her in the ass, where the sun don't shine
Going darker than my past
I'll rip your dreads off and feed them to Rick Ross
Then cover your girlfriend's face in the thick sauce
This world is a ring, step in and leave your feelings
Walk amongst the animals, realest, think you'll ever meet the illest
Vicodin through your f**kin' ears I'm mellow
Make a rapper's f**kin' underwear turn yellow
Hello, I'm sorta like a pharaoh, y'all sterile
Throw you in a barrel, kick you down to hell, yo
Why you clench your fists for, you p*ss poor b*st*rds?
I'm nine phantoms, and you're just four tractors
Cadillac, top-down, flip-flop cruising
Kill Bill, R-av, hip hop music
Yeah, Rav
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Billy, Billy
You're silly, you're silly
Hip-hop music