Lyrics : Meet Joe Black

Listen, I'm ridin' with the reaper
Told him, "The pleasure is all mine and I was dyin' just to meet ya" (What up?)
No handshakes and a stare colder than a freezer
Had to chill knowin' that death could be over in a breather
He told me I was eager
Too much in my feelings, all this emotion makes it hard for me to reach ya
Just stay calm, so I can teach ya
I kill all students who don't believe the violent words of the reaper (Come on)
Nah, I think that you a keeper
Remember in 6th grade, the switchblade, threw the kid in a sleeper (I remember)
Then you hid in the bleachers, sat and watched like a proud dad
Outcast, angel in hell burnin' without ash (So you been watchin')
Do you know the smell of a rotten body? (You know I do)
Would you go to hell for a Maserati? (Umm)
I'm just askin' this for a friend of mine
You say yes, we'll be doin' this 'til the end of time
Slow down, I see us a victim, let's get it crackin' on him
Hop out, empty a drum and stop all the traffic on him (Rrrrr)
They won't even need a casket for him (Why?)
Better him than you, body'll melt like you threw some acid on him (Damn)
Yeah, I'm a cold n*gga (That's facts)
Get a hold of ya spirit and watch ya soul shiver (Soul)
When you chefin' a drug it cook on the stove quicker (True)
Kill your community, soon to be in that gold Vigor
That's the one that you always wanted, right? (That's the one)
Did all the murders and know you stuntin', right? (sh*t, I'm doin' good)
I told ya I'd be the one to do it (I'm rappin' now)
That's just a fantasy when it come to music
Now that you set up, time to pay all the dividends
The jewelry, the cars, the lavish crib that you livin' in (f*ck you mean?)
I swear takin these souls is so rivetin'
You n*ggas think there's no price to pay when you get it in (I ain't payin' sh*t)
See, most of you killers be gettin' lost on me (I ain't runnin' from nothin)
Get 'em a family and go soft on me (I ain't got no family)
But I don't need none of you n*ggas
Been recruitin' for years, me and homie we got a large army (Your homie?)
Get religious and set God on me (Tuu, buggin')
But I don't fear none, get me a soldier to do the job for me (Who?)
Your God ain't nearly as old
I'm weary and cold, really I'm just here for ya soul
The reaper...