Lyrics : Inception

On The Master I told you 'bout situations that made my mom pray
Money outweighs the harm, but it also puts you in harm's way (Facts)
Boys in the hood that was ridin' dirty, a long Trey
Felons who talk twisted, please try and stay out of these cons way (Yeah)
I'm tryna be rated greater beyond 'Ye
Beyond Pun, beyond Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z and André
Full course meals, the smothered veal for the entrée
Pecan glaze on top of vanilla wafers, but hell awaits us (Damn)
They want us in cells but never can celebrate us (Never)
They want the state pen but never could penetrate us (Why?)
I demonstrate just how these men betrayed us
Defend the haters, we created this game, how you intend to play us? (How)
The quotables what I propose to you
I'm still explodable, locked in the coldest room battlin' some Corona flu (Let's go)
Ready for war, so I can show it's true
A general's suppose to be hard to spot 'cause he works as hard as his soldiers do
Yeah, they say that I'm uncontrollable
I once shot a n*gga, then showed up late for a photo shoot
That's what I'm supposed to do
I paint violent pictures, my camera lens is broken too
Ran is meant for this vocal booth (AHH!), n*gga
Cold plays on a hot corner
The black Babe Ruth on the roof, just call me the shot caller
Ran up in ya spot hesitant, I know that you got daughters
But I don't play little league games, I hope that her pop warned her

No more of this coonery, no more of your simple minded buffoonery
No more sayin', "Mom I ain't got it", then you buy jewelry
I'm truly free, a man with a conscience that's what I grew to be
'Cause back then I would choke you unconscious, you couldn't move or breathe
Your scrutiny for me is absurd (Yeah), I don't assume you read
But happiness in life is reserved until you truly grieve
A man who never waste any words (Nah), I never shoot the breeze
I just want all the love I deserve, I got elusive needs
Yeah, Maya Angelou with a damaged view (So beautiful)
But they never knew what this man could do
The rage I got inside of my heart is dark as the Spanish flu
The fans who knew, thought everything that they heard about Ran was true
Yeah, just gotta stay true to self
I gave you all my pain through these years that I knew you felt (Yeah)
Strugglin' to live, it has nothin to do with help
Sometimes the healin' process is worse than the wound itself, Duffle