Lyrics : On That Time

Yeah! Okay you already know what time it is
Choppa-Choppa pew-pew, yeah
Choppa don't miss, yeah Choppa don't miss
Yeah my Choppa don't miss, and it's flying
Everywhere, and my Choppa don't miss
And my Choppa?don't?miss,?and it from?the zoo

Put you?in the ER, then I face you
When you come outside, think I don't give a f**k
And I been that way, and you trying to be like Campa
(Ouu) I got my own mix, oh yeah and they represent
(Uh) Everywhere I go, my hoes are everywhere (mm)
And I manifest mm, so much money in my bank (mm)
And I got it all mm, and they treat me with respect (mm)

Yeah, I know I got the eleven by my eye
I can see it with my third eye and you know
She's gonna ride all night and you know
Ima give her babies oh my

Choppa don't miss mm, Choppa don't miss
And it's gonna on your head, and keeping it clean
Man, I like your cut G (ah!)
Let's go, let's go, let's go! (mm ay-ay!)
Choppa won't miss a fool
Choppa won't miss a fool (uh-huh!)
Choppa won't miss a fool
Hundred rounds go ahead and killing everybody!
Oh yeah killing everybody!
Oh yeah killing everybody!

Gotta go, you don't ever understand how I move
Now you know the story, by my face
Four numbers (Who? mm!)
One-two-three! (mm hmm!)
Caught four bodies
Could've caught my fifth one, he got so lucky
I let him slide! (Yah-yah!) If you ever try