Lyrics : Too Late Freestyle

I decided to stay home tonight
I decided I'm a treat you right
(*Plays throughout*)

"I wonder what we could’ve been, you know, if we'd met at another time in life. Because the thing I keep coming back to is that I wasn't ready, to have you in my life, but you were there anyways. You know you were always there for me, no matter what, and... I think I took that for granted."

All alone, alcohol, out the glass I’m sippin'
Thinkin' bout, old faces, I'm no longer missin'
Where were you, when I was down, and I needed help?
Where were you, to ask me, if I was feelin' well?
'Cause you hit my DM, sayin' that you love me
Think I believe that? You just want my money
When I was down, you would make jokes at my expense
Now I’m up, you come ’round, tryin' to pretend
That you were down, with my accomplishments
Tryin’ to hand out meaningless compliments
You're just playin' games, and I caught you slackin'
You walked out of my life, you’re not comin' back in!