Lyrics : MIRAGE

Stepped out like Scooby-Doo and the gang
With a sack of treats as the case completes
The villains knew the name
We was stuffin' chillums with that lame
Back when dime sacks was the thing
Now we glide 'cross skies like Liu Kang, no shame
We carried the state on our back like new quarter change
Rats was at 'em like Elmira to Maximillian
I was focused on the craft, I knew racks was in the cards (I knew it)
Sorta mutant, I seemed to see through the ceilings
Some homeys hid under tables
My head was up in the stars (Up in the stars, n***a)
That's real large
I know n***as that caved in but still gods
Some said it's pre programmed, some state it's up to Allah
You ask me, it's all part the mirage, ah-ha-ha!
Who's that? It's Chris and Q in the Subaru

Don't think that far
Who's that?
No, whoa
Said it's the cure and the super
Ooh-ooh, hey
Yeah-yeah, hey
Hey, hey
Yeah-yeah, uh, ooh