Lyrics : See Me Clean

Dane Ray
Step out inna di right set ah brand dem yuh know
Unruly (Ooo fancy)
Wild Croc

Best Louie V and mi tall Clarks
Best Gucci and mi darkers (Yeah)
Dem anuh nuh gyallis and mi nah ask
Fully, fully

Dawg yuh haffi see mi clean (See mi clean)
Pull up pon di block inna new machine (Weh! Weh!)
One press pon di gas, look weh mi do di scheme
And mi mek e money rain, look weh mi do di cream
Ah-ah f**k some sexy gyal mi see inna mi dream
Yeah mi ever clean
Plus mi sharp like ah guillotine (Guillotine)
Cyan trust di media, di enemy (Fully)
Inna di lock sport mi shub di 17 (Yeah)
Gimmi di Hennessy (Hennessy)
None ah mi dawg dem anuh pedigree (Weh!)
Create di wave like ah jet ski (Enemy)
Enemy cyan seh nothing to wi
Have some gyal inna di Hills, up ah Beverley
She nuh blind, but dem style yeah she never see
She go pon her knees and ah beg mi please
She pray fi mi cah mi nah stop when she ah seh fi cree
Fully, fully, fully