Lyrics : Outlawz

Man, what's up?
It's Terror Reid, Pouya (Yuh, b*t*h)
408, 305
Coast-to-coast, you know how the f**k we ride
Here we go, let's go
Uh, uh, yo, check it

(I was) I was born with the mind of a madman
Understand Terror pushin' dust like a fan, goddamn
You just found out that I'm the man, where you been at?
I get more head than a snapback cap
It's been like that since way before we bounced back
We snatchin' diamonds out the glass and we sell 'em right back
f**k around and get jacked, nah, you can't have it back
The vanilla villain, always keep his train on the tracks
So give me the cheese, hit the floor, Reid all up in your ho
Bust the four-five, nosedive, you ain't make it out the door
Now we standin' toe-to-toe, but I can't stand a filthy ho
You ain't about this life so check yourself and get ghost
Oh, he ain't know? I curl hoes' toes with my flavor blasted flows
About enough dough to make a ocean explode
This ain't a joke, I ain't a TV show host
I'm with the 305, demon doin' the most
And while we on the subject, you're f**kin' with a suspect
He frontin' that we know that, we f**k him up in public
He probably off that Prozac, swingin' from my ballsack
Just got the .9 shined, b*t*h made, and you don't want that
You can't rap like me, mothaf**ka, I just started
Comin' to clean it up like Wahlberg in The Departed
So let me pass it off to the OG trendsetter
Microphone shredder (Yuh), y'all mothaf**kas better (Yuh)