Lyrics : Jocelyn Flores Remix

I know you're somewhere somewhere
I mean I can do any that he can
I don't want to pretend we're something, we're nothing
I've been stuck thinking 'bout her, just can't hold on
But then nothing was true
And that's how story ends, i don't wanna pretend
I just want my friends
Don't know how much time i've spent here
No fear, couple tears go down my face when i'm sad
And i don't wanna brag, just i don't wanna
Drag you into something that's bad
Yeah we met couple times, sure we had a fun time
But i didn't really know that I was living in a lie
No one could describe a pain, so can't you
Should've really cared less, so did you
Really mean the stuff you said
I'm really confused 'bout situation that i'm in
Man f*ck you, and then all of your haste desicions
Got me feeling like xxx-excision
Got me feeling like xxx-excision
Please don't cross the borders
'cause now i'm the soldier (nah)
Follow my orders
But then nothing was true
And that's how story ends i don't wanna pretend
I just want my friends
I am there when something tends
To be really bad i just wanna let them know
I've been good here tho (x2)