Lyrics : POSIE

'm armed & dangerous
Ain't no parking at the light, ain't no staining us
Keep a K with us, please don't, please don't play with us. Nah
We up & aiming 'em
Ain't no hiding. Flossy baby that's where I be
Try me, n***as know that I'm grimy
Line me. n***as know I'm on timing
n***as know that I'm grimy. Hold on
Big body like a linemen. Wait
I know how to vibe, but no I ain't cool
Look at me funny, bet I shoot up the room
Shoot out the coup, I let it boom. Nah, I don't play with these n***as, never
Play with it. n***as know I keep a K with it
It's makaveli, waving it, waving it
All my apes on the loose
Ain't no taming 'em, taming 'em
Step in the game, & start changing it. Changing it
Spin thru your block, tetris. Bend it. Bend it
All the opps caught a shot. Beckham. Beckham. Beckham
If I don't got the chop
Deck 'em. Deck 'em. Deck 'em
Got some brand new chops
Test 'em. Test 'em. Bust it out for me
There's a opp in the spot, there he go, over there chilling with his b*t*h
Point 'em out, where he at? Then we go get the assist
Send shots, clip 'em, I bet I empty the clip
Pop Smoke, on ape timing, but everybody know I'm crip. Hold on