Lyrics : Genius (Demo)

Lyrics from Snippet

I got a couple n***as that'll let it fly for a couple n***as
That a couple n***as is me, they love me 'cause Pop Smoke for the streets
I got that heat in the rocket (Rocket), say the wrong thing, I'ma pop it (Pop it)
I got them choppas in the closet (Closet), a hundred mill' deposit (Deposit)
That ain't an Uber, that's the feds, I see them n***as watchin' (Watchin')
I like my b*t*hes redbone (Redbone), ass fat, Jell-O (Jello-O)
Lightskin, yellow (Yellow), black hair by the Regis and Pello (Pello)
I got hеr squirtin' in the cream, I put the Pеrky in my lean (Lean)
Two thirtys got me leanin', I hope I don't OD