Lyrics : 2020*

(Trap House vibes)
2020 (Look)

Everything 2020
Knew I was twenty, twenty, Cartier 2020
Remember when you had no money?
Vision twenty/twenty
Your b*tch 2019, my b*tch 2020
I say 2020, Richard Mille 2020
LaFerrari 2020, peace to 2020
Only dumb, very young, we don't do no penny
Give them hoes a pass, we in 2020
Your car 2019, my car 2020
No drama 2020, wireless 2020
I might do the jugg in 2020
I'm on a different timeline, in 2020
You got me in 2019, I'ma get you 2020
You keep on doin' 2019, now to get in 2020
I used to be the laughin' stock, ha, not in 2020 (Yeah)
Now these hoes ride my di*k in 2020
The devil tryna take me down, but no in 2020
'Cause I'ma pray up in 2020
Insh'Allah, I'ma ride for my dawgs
Yeah, I'm aimin' for the moon and I'm shootin' for the stars (Yeah)

Ooh-whoa, ooh-whoa
Yeah, uh, 2020