Lyrics : You Only Know

Who are you, and to what end?
Are you the doting brother, or the devoted friend?
Are you the wing-man, the helping hand, or the one left over?
The watchful eye, the butterfly, the rarely sober?

So, what are you? Who's playing your role?
Are you acting, or directing? Who’s in control?
The spoiled son? The killer clown? The voice that whispers?
Your therapist? Your arrogance? Your dead twin sisters?

Were they lost in the dark, did they fall from a great height?
Were they chased and torn apart, by wolves and ravens in the night?
Were they taken, were they tortured, through the water did they wade?
You only know that you're alone now, you only know that you're afraid
(You only know that you’re afraid)
You only know that you're afraid
(You only know that you're afraid)
You only know
(You only know)
You only know

So, what do you fear? Is it snakes or roaches?
Do you shake, are you scared, when the storm approaches?
Is it boys with blades? Girls with guns?
Is it crowds, caves or cliff-sides? Yeah, they. All sound fun