Lyrics : Tim Westwood Freestyle (2004)

Wiley in the building!
Now Wiley, you bring people with you, who you've got?
I got Trim with me, and he's gonna blaze up the next riddim for you, right now I'm gonna freestyle this one, right now
Hold tight Trim, hold tight the Roll Deep family, all across the [?]
Hold tight Raskit, Westwood show right now, 98 point 5
Alright lets go again, listen, yo yo yo

I remember the days when I was nothing, I used to put my hands in my pocket and feel nothing
I couldn't see when my next (Westwood) money was coming, I was p*ssed
I missed the point, another opportunity was missed
But here I am today, I'm trying to get myself paid, I'm tryna get my boys paid, I want P's
I know the Gs, the Gs know I'm a paper maker
Player haters come around the wave, bye, see ya later
I take my chances, put myself to the test, and the rest, the world, can watch me, do this
I can't see anybody stopping me from getting me through this
I do this for fun, go home and laugh after
A full day of events, come and spray at events
Under festival tents, I was born, in the trenches
I remember climbing over fences and climbing up trees
Climbing thats a minor to me
I remember them days I used to be in the street and no
Weak hearts don't survive on the street
You wanted to know, so I'm telling you that life on the street
Can be an eye opener, I'm watching doors open up
Before, none of this "impossible" - everything was impossible
Didn't stop I was flexible with the hours, and now
Flexible with the powers, I'm strong minded, some are empty minded, crews get divided
They started off as friends, and then they collided
I started off with her and then we separated, you see
The love we had, we both appreciated it
Before, I remember when I couldn't leave this chick
I used to cheat and ting, make Eskibeat and ting
Go home and have an argument, creating heat and ting
Then I'm off again, I'm trying to leave the past behind me
Wanna live in a place where nobody can find me
Tryna find Nemo, looking the CB Low
Check Schemo, he's a ninja from E3 bow
Saw this in my dream, no, when I was getting lean, oh
Everything you see ain't what it seems to be though
Couldn't believe it, the card worked, it was a repro
Nobodies allowed in the house, me a creep though
It's okay with me, she can go to [?]
He knows how to make her happy, thats for me
I've got my eyes wide shut, I was born on the D low
No we don't freeload, Breezer's got the kilos
Me and breeze were like, hot jalapeños
Watch Eskiboy's a wrongun, help me know it for sure
He's meant to be on his tour, he ain't been turning up
But he's like fire burning up, he's here to take the levels up
Hot producer around the computer, you're not referring to me
I make hits on my laptop and you can learn from me
The table's turned from me, they didn't turn on me
Journalists are nosy, trying (Westwood) to get, dirt on me
People's wifeys come around, trying to flirt on me
Journalists are nosy trying to get, dirt on me
I stay alert, me, first ting, me
And I play a lot, me, in the first ting
Okay, it's Westwood Radio 98.5, Eskiboy

(Brrp Brap, Brrp Brap, Brrp Brap, Brrp Brap)
Okay, next one, we're going to the next one
Alright, we're good on this, the next one baby boy
It's Wiley Kat, It's Trim inside
I swear, I can't wait til the day til I do a show, and there's no mistakes, I promise ya
No, relax baby, you're big out there
I know, I know I know
But sometimes when I slip, I wanna be flawless, you know the way, I just wanna be flawless
You're good!
Okay lets go with this
It's Wiley and Trim right now in the place
And we ain't playing, lets go Trim, listen
What do we do if they try Trim? Listen

Yo, we take two out, take your whole crew out
You ain't got a clue out here, you're just new out
I got the brand new Nike shoe out
Oi where's Wiley gone, he's just flew out
Everybody's tryin' to clash, they got blew out
Flows all tight, too tight, like a [?]
Beefed some wars on road, guess I've had a few out
I got stabbed, that'll knock you out
Worked on albums for two years, put two out
Wiley's got a strong mind, like [?]
You are not ready brudda, I will take you out
In this whole scene, I'm like glue out
Watch Eskiboy don't rule my view out
I've been here from day, I'm not new out
Tredding on Thin Ice, my album, its new out
I'm looking on the shelf, can't see you out
You can see me out, I'm what you wanna be at
I'm protected to the tier
Blud don't mess with me here, I'll see and die at
They chat a lot of crap, they can't take E3 out
Come into the manor and take your wifey out
She likes me enough, she said she sights me out
Kylie, Danielle, [?] - Girls come around and they pick us three out
Not being funny, its only cause you're Wiley
You can't push me down, or push me out
The convenance levels, they're buzzing like a bee here
I am who I am, tough luck, I'm me here
Ain't nothing long, if I gotta make a G out, making a P out, you won't join me out
Open your eyes, you still can't see me out
Wiley's dripping again because I'm a G here (Westwood)
You can't be out here, like me out here
Can't see out here, why's he out?
I'll buss Tai Chi out, pass it to Mia, tee sparked, tinted out, minted out
Less I got 3 cars, lend all three out
When I'm going to get a brand new A3 out
I run the game theres no stopping me out, trim

Yo, Roll Deep wronguns
Test us, come on, you'll be chased through with lungs gone
We don't care where you fods are from, you're not fogged where we're from
Know where you're on, you say you, know what we're on
But you don't know what we are on
If you knew what was on, you wouldn't screw and keep it eyes on, you'd ride on
? wagon, climb on - or triple dragon, might blind some
Try and gun, I'll put knife infi your bum, eye or gum
Dad or mum, niece, nephews, daughters, sons
Who ever comes, whenever they come, it's Trim - the only one
Bad boy Trim on a bad boy thing, if you're not a bad boy this ain't your thing
If you try sit on my skin or leave metal in skin
Take kettle and grin, it ain't shim
I love to swing, I'll plug your sh*t, and drug your drink
f**k your link, whats up with him?
Boy with the thirty-eight bucks with him
And thats Trim, cause he ain't got no haircut to him
Who's trim? Do a left and we will lose him
Keep cruising, and I'll, fill yous in
Yeah, his names Trim
Cause, he never went a trim, never gonna trim, [?] gym
Wait, are you listening? Wait some
When Trim's in a place, muggins occur
When there's girls in a place, he's having a word
When he's screwing your face, giving vision a blur
Knife in a ways, they'll put it right there
Winning your ears, I've been yearning for years
Wait, who is he, why's he here?
You weren't listening...

He weren't listening because you might think Roll Deep's going down
I come around, I make sure things change
Quick, storms up, get your size in
Im afraid you won't see me capsizing
Me and my boys, who make noise
I'm here to overseas when I'm a noise maker
And I'm involved in making papers, making papers, like a hobby I'm addicted
I'll blaze the beat like Trim did
If it ain't broken, don't try fix it
Yo, I got street education, straight from the street blud, don't get it twisted
Listen, they're both sailing off and you missed it
That girl, she's p*ssing me, got a new man but he better not p*ss me off
Blud, don't p*ss me off because
I be killing soundboys on a regular
Me and my crew be spitting road on a regular
Tell 'em where I'm from, let 'em know, on a regular
E3 boys make money, on a regular
I make tunes, sold records on a regular
Blud, you know I don't have it on a regular
Flex supersize, I blaze on a regular
Practice on a radio, on a
You couldn't test me or my crew, on a level
They could not ever slew me, on a level
I'm a pro, I won't have that, on a level
If you heard that, its just a rumour, on a level
The level of MCings gone up a level
I'm still around, still heavy, on a level
War with the top boys, on a level
Merk him, bare face now, on a level

It's Trim and Wil here to sweep up
Damn! Big you up dog!
Come on, understand that