Lyrics : The Heist

Look who just walked in here, Katy dear I missed ya
It's been too long, aren't you a sight
Your dress looks so inspired
You're looking kinda tired, Katy, girl are you all right?

C, it's good to see ya, I got a job, I need ya
I'll tell you more if you agree
It's a little B&E, a two girl job I think
We always made a real good team

I'd do anything for ya, you know that. Just like the old days, huh?

Just like the old days


A little nick will do the trick, a snatch, a jack, a grab
A pinch, a sack and out the back before it gets you nabbed
Keep your walk so nonchalant, wonder whats ado
The art my dear, diverting gear from their domain to you

The rush, the chase, on out the gate
The sirens in the street
The artistry of larceny
The vocation of the thief

They say in ancient times when mighty pyramids stood tall
The class divide was first devised, the have nots and have alls
Then and there, I tell you here, the first thief they appeared
To recirculate, reallocate the partitioning of wares

The swipe, the take, the quick escape
The plot, the crime, the scheme
The artistry of larceny
The vocation of the thief

The pluck, the swipe, the swap, the heist
The snatching of the loot
The plunder, con, defraud and gone
The sweet talk and the ruse

The hustle, game, it's all the same
The setup and the scheme
The artistry of larceny
The vocation of the thief

Hey, do you wanna go somewhere and talk? I feel like... I feel like there's stuff unresolved from before and we could sit and chat and you know, have a little girl time

I do, I.. I really do. I.. I really want ta... it's just... I'm sorry, I've got... I.. I can't, I want to it's just... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I've gotta go. I.. I gotta go. I'm sorry