Lyrics : If You Are Too Hip & Jaded for Sweet Love Songs We Pity You

The lost sometimes stare with a look in their glare
An emptiness few can perceive
I've known that abyss but the abyss can't know this
This moment I see what I see

There's prophets and poets who wax ever on
Of things both transcendent and free
But silent they'd be and down on one knee
If they saw what you look like to me

The cynics will sit with a bite in their wit
For the hideous natures that breathe
And all of it's true but then you are true too
They do not see what I see

There's tunes short and long, and some sing a song
For beauty's elusive and fleet
But silent they'd be, not daring to breathe
If they saw what you look like to me

I see you there and I freeze and I stare
With my heart and my breath lost to me
You'd think me insane were I to explain
How beautiful you are to me