Lyrics : Old Graves

You believed red wine cured diseases. It did work once, a true miracle from a grinning shaman named Carlos Rossi, when all five of us were on death's door, but I know the wine killed you not too many years later. They called it a suicide, but make no mistake, it was a blood sacrifice to the Wild Irish gods. I will always miss you

I rest my case
You rest in a grave
A friend, you gave
Me strength through
The waves

You said "f**k it all"
But each "f**k it all"
Comes to an end
You said "f**k it all"
That "f**k it all"
Led to your death

I rest my head
On a metal jail bed
And dream of ways
Things were better
Back then

When your "f**k it alls"
Your "f**k it alls"
Made perfect sense
But those "f**k it alls"
Those "f**k it alls"
Led to your death

Your body now floats
On a river of ash
In times long past
You were all that
We had

But each "f**k it all"
Each "f**k it all"
Could be your last
Yeah, each "f**k it all"
Each "f**k it all"
Could be your last

Eulogy for too many things to name
But we will never be the same
For the world we hated and love
Its cities we watched burn from within
Eulogy for our youth, our adults, and the animals that we have known
And the pain to realize we will never see each other again
But that's a part of life none are exempt from
Even a four-billion year old planet ground to space dust
Will be gone too soon