Lyrics : UNDER8ED

Let's do some real shit
Some for real shit

Girl, you lookin' like the '90s Nia Long, a product of your mom
The girl in high school that every guy was sleepin' on
I love how you design, almond-shaped eyes
All Aaliyah in the face, but you Sade with the vibe
Girl, you look how Lamborghini's drive
If a woman tried to get with you I wouldn't be surprised
No, not even a little bit
In the era of double tappin' and lyin' in they captions
We don't need all them distractions
All these Instagram pages, I'm glad that you ain't famous
Girl, God damn, you underrated
If I wrote you a love letter I would need a hundred pages
Fifty to thank you exes and niggas who didn't make it
Boys who had they shot but missed and didn't take it
God damn, you underrated

You should send a invoice for all the time that they wasted
For all your patience you deserve payment, yeah, facts
Read in a text where you said when you see me you gon' fight me
Conversation cajun, you be talkin' spicy
Ayy, word
Sweatpants and white tee or dress fittin' tightly
You should have been here, you said, "You never invite me"
Once in a blue turned to you over here nightly
Cajun conversation, you be talkin' spicy
Hey, ayy, look

You like me passin' out my CD when no one played it
Girl, you underrated
We could make this forever, that's a quick flight to Vegas
Yeah, you underrated
You got work in the mornin', we would probably never make it
Invoice them boys for all the time that they wasted
Let them niggas know that you not nothin' to play with
For all your patience you deserve payment
Yeah, get your coin, word (Look)

You got bills that you payin', DMs you ignorin'
You don't even read 'em half the time, it's unimportant
And you leave the crib at eight, get back four in the mornin'
In a Honda right now, but I could see you in that foreign

You see hoes bein' flown, you thinkin' it must be nice
But you ain't goin' nowhere if you ain't bookin' the flight, right?
That's underrated, look
You know you look good in your skin and you comfortable
You could be just like them bitches if you wanted to
But you don't, ayy

You want the bag, not a bag
These bitches don't get that
Was down for a minute but stay tuned for the get back
Girl, you underrated
You more than your current situation and where you live at
In the gym every day, you workin' to get your shit back
That's underrated