Lyrics : I’ll Be Alright


I've broken hearts before I knew the heart was mine to break
I've broken promises not knowing that woman would be my wife one day
What's the ramifications?
Spent my twenties making mistakes, spent my money on vacation
Wish I spent it makin' money, wish I learned to save it
I got time to make it right, I gotta learn to take it
Moves I should be making but I'm too afraid of changes
I'm worried I won't reach the mountaintop, too high of expectations
Life is what happens while we busy makin' plans
Try to never miss a moment, never disappoint my friends
Now I'm thinking bigger picture, big bro just had a daughter
And I'm Marlon Brando, I think one day I'll drop the God and be a father
But for now, I just talk to God, I'ma bother
We used to shoot the breeze now I just go to him with problems
Like, "Almighty Father, all I need is the almighty dollar, man
I know it's twisted, gimme a minute, then I'll be a role-model"
Then I'll preach it like I knew the whole time
Y'all got money for weed but never for studio time
I've tried to empathize, I do not relate and then we sever ties
I'm left to question if I've got too much pride, I prolly do
But if I said this sh*t then it's prolly true
I'd rather be real than be loved, I don't need the acceptance
f**k if I'm a broken record, f**k if I'm broke I got blessings
My momma think I'm a legend, kept it a hundred I'm destined
I been playing chess and writing checks to myself
I've been investin' in me, still, I go broke if I lost my health, what a world
Ain't nowhere I'd rather be though
We got our problems but nobody's perfect
I just take my seat at the casino when I roll the dice
And hope I hit and if I don't I'll be alright