Lyrics : Summertime

Catch 'em by surprise and
Chasin' the horizon
Nothing holds me down
Askin', "Where the time's gone?"
Dreamin' with the lights on
Tryna keep your eyes on
Something along the rise

You and I
Bide our time
And I miss summertime

Catch him on the run, they
Punish those who love young
Never right on time
Watch each other fallin'
Always catch the call and
Whistle while we're walkin'
Something inside me dies

You and I
Why, oh, why?
And I miss summertime

Keep on rockin', baby
Keep on risin' on the tide
(Somewhere along the rise)
Son of a gun and maybe
We'll be ridin' all night
(Something inside me dies)
You and I (You and I)
You and I
By and by
And I, I miss summertime

You and I (You and I)
Yeah, you and I
Why, oh, why
And I miss summertime