Lyrics : Innerwest Diss

(Cassanova, lil b*t*h)
Shut the f**k up, you black motherf**ker
Huh, NF14, yeah
Mounty County, 2-7-7-0
f**k Inner West
f**k UTB
f**k KVT
And f**k 3T, Punk ass motherf**kers
Shout out to all the disses to the innerwest
But heres the real one

Yo, its big Cell
Im rappin, like its Christmas
You can't miss this
3T is on the f**kin hit list
Inner West next time you walk past
Get your ass bashed
So go ahead, grab your gas mask
Cause we're bringin smoke, no jokes
You bein told folks
We are so cold
Sayin Inner West from cold ropes
UTB, who the f**k you claimin, bruh?
The United Tongan Brothers, must be real shamed of ya
Its the new diss, passin over, Nasa Nova
Cause you f**k 13, you roast, doesnt mean your a casanova
It take the virginity, are you kiddin me?
Im drainin energy, from enemies
So they can caught the symmetrys
UTB, KTV a three testicles
Who you steppin to?
Show your face, so we can wreck your crew
We flip pricks, real quick, kid
You ain't sh*t
We came to brawl motherf**kers, not to play tips, b*t*h
And if he had you runnin to Cabramatta
I was keen to splatter and shatter
f**k, to Liverpool and Paramatta
It doesnt matter if that boy is not that, g
You call yourselves a brotherhood, then why leave him in Mounty?
Smashin and bashin, these fat boys heads
While your, crashin and dashin from the area of NF
Step up now, dont step later
Wipe your mouths with toilet paper

Let me tell you how it started
Cause, watchu hearin ain't true
Inner West, talkin sh*t, found its way up to the news
I dont care for whatchu think
I dont care what side you choose
Just within Inner West can hack it, when they f**kin lose
Look what we have here Cabramatta standin tall
Claimin South-West, just cause Inner West is on you
Its a loud pack, pumpin pack, got chu's feelin blue
Find out only Inner West, makin C Town look bad
He's comin out now, cause they know G dubs the clique to beat
Joinin up with South-West, cause can't stand on your own two feet
Its ok, we ain't scared, we dont really give a f**k
Its kinda funny watchin all you faggots, suck on someone else's nuts
Now its up to the next station
Dont you worry, we be waitin
I know yous won't come, but we'll be patient
I'll be H-K-B-T
3T and UTB
Ain't got nothin on you dogs, so shut your ass and take a seat
Nasa Nova, said he didn't know kid
Probably didn't, but I know for sure Patrick Langi did
On the net, talkin sh*t, claimin like hes bangin
All I saw, he was one of them, that left that faggot hangin
So dont play dumb
And act that Ceasar didn't know
Thats what happens, when you f**k with 2-Double 7-0
Greater West is on top
Put that on your f**kin skull
And if you ain't with it, then your ask has got to f**kin go